What are eyelash extensions?
Celebrity quality individual synthetic lashes are attached to your natural lashes (not your eyelid) one at a time. We offer a variety of different types of extensions, varying in curl, length, and thickness. We can completely customize your lashes to suit your own unique eye shape. Expect a relaxing, comfortable procedure, applying lashes that are virtually weightless, naturally glamorous, and always keep their curl.

I've heard extensions could damage my natural lashes, is that true?
Proper lash application is a very meticulous service that requires the skill and precision of a licensed beauty professional, who has taken the time to practice proper application without sticking anything together. As long as the eyelash extensions are applied properly by a skilled professional, they will not damage the natural lashes.

What are Classic Individual Extensions?
One single extension is adhered to each individual natural eyelash. Recommended for clients that want a natural look.

What are Russian Volume Extensions?
3-10 very thin and lightweight extensions are applied in a fan shape to each individual natural eyelash. This creates a VERY full and fluffy look. Recommended for clients that want a glamorous look

What is a Classic/Volume mix?
Also known as "hybrid lashes", this is a very popular look, and offers a mix of the two techniques. This is a great way to see if you like the Russian volume technique, or just to get a little more fullness with your fill. 

What kind of product is used at Flutter Lash?
All of our Bella Lash products have been safely applied without damage at Flutter Lash to women of all ages.

How long will my Flutter Lashes last?
With our exclusively formulated adhesives, our eyelash extensions will stay on your natural lashes for your remaining natural lash life. Natural lashes normally shed 2-5 per eye per day, and grow new lashes to replace those that fell out. Our lashes will last 30-60 days but you can keep them forever if you follow ALL of the maintenance rules and visit us every 2-3 weeks for a touch up.